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Here at Dixline we are always finding ways to improve our service to our customers. Most recently we have been working on a new website format that is easier to navigate and has more up-to-date information on the products we offer and the services we provide. Our hopes are that with new ways to filter our product lines and finishes we can save our customers time, and we know that time is money! Now our customers will have easy access to filtering by available finishes and materials, as well as by the type of hardware desired. 

Please visit our new and improved website at and check out its new look. If you enjoy the new look, we would love to hear from you on our contact page. If you have spare time and a few kind words, we’d really appreciate the feedback.

Recently, Dixline purchased a new piece of press equipment to expand on our services. With installation being completed later this year, Dixline will be able to produce an even higher level of quality pressed products with a quicker turnaround than ever before. Our Minster Model P2-200-60 straight side press operates at a speed of up to 100 spm making production a snap. We also gained the capability to press heavier materials than we previously could. Along with installing the new press, we will also be relocating our press room to a new warehouse. This will allow for our flow of operations to become more streamlined and overall much more efficient.

If you are interested in seeing our new press, or just want to take a look around, schedule a tour of our facility. We would be more than glad to show you around Dixline Corporation.

Call us at 1(309)761-4335, or visit our website and contact us there!

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