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Dixline’s coatings and decorative finishing capabilities are ideally suited for consumer, commercial or industrial product needs. Our coatings and finishing can be cost optimized for short or long term use. They can be manufactured for indoor, outdoor, or difficult (severe) environmental operating conditions. Dixline manufactures and coats millions of parts, thousands of shapes and hundreds of different finishes each year and represents the standard of quality for companies large and small throughout the world. Our coatings and finishes are the ideal solution for a high quality and low cost need and may be applied to metal or plastic. The coating and finishes are applied through the electroplating or clean vacuum-plating process. Color selection is essentially infinite.

Top Coat Sealing/Finishing

  • Standard Plasma Coating
  • Advanced Mild Hard Coating
  • Premium UV Hard Coating


Dixline UV Scratch Resistant Coating.

Our UV coating enhances the appearance of our product and significantly improves the durability and scratch resistance.

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